Our Mission

We want to establish our company internationally together with the unique and personal idea that comes with it. With our self-developed photography technology, we created a new form of art.

We are looking forward to capturing the uniqueness of all the eyes in this world and putting a smile on their owners faces.


Like many companys beginnings, we also started in a hobby garage. To be very precise, we started with two friends who couldnt keep their hands off technology and had an uncanny urge to explore and experiment. With a passion for photography and product excellence, Eyemazy was launched in Germany in 2013, initially under the name “Eyesight” where the concept gained increasing enthusiasm and popularity.

Since that time, our concept of personal and unique art of photography has thrilled countries and generations. What started with a simple little kiosk in a small community on a marketplace is now developing into an international business at a fast pace. Ever since we started we are taking a great effort in developing and optimizing our system. We pride ourselves on our outstanding photo quality and the unparalleled customer service that goes with it.

Each iris is unique because it is created from the DNA that we receive from our parents and ancestors. Not without reason, it is also said that the eye is the mirror to our soul. At Eyemazy, we can enlarge these unique and individual structures and colors with our self-created and constantly further developed photo technology and display them in any size and shape with our unique photo editing. Perhaps no one else could have seen the hidden beauty of an entire world so precisely in just one iris.